Olissippo Genius Loci


What really attaches you to a place?
What really attaches you to a country?
What really attaches you to a continent?
What really attaches you to a planet?

Let’s take a place, a city, the smallest unit of those I mentioned.
Is it the smell ?
Is it the light?
Is it the buildings and they way they are aligned?
Is it the people living there, or the ones that were?
Or is something else?

Let’s take this city, Lisbon.
It’s older than Rome
In its roots are people who already worshiped Gods, that lay buried in the memories.
Is it a memory really lost?
Or does the soils keep it in it’s molecules, transformed but not lost.
Under the ground, millions of once living souls lie in rest, their passage and demise contributed to the Genius Loci of Lisbon.
She is the living soul of the city.
Some of us were nourished by her love for the place, and became in love with her, and by extension to the city.

I am in love with this city, and although I know many others I only feel at home here.
Mothership Lisbon, a vessel for eternity.




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