Monday Morning


It’s Monday morning, 7:17 am
The weather is sunny
Mario just starts his daily writing routine

There should be some structure to hold this blog together, It will not be random, or light.
As I said in the first posting, it will deal with processes, ideas, and questions I pose myself.
One of these is the role of promotion. Promotion of produced art and how to do it.
Is it too much stuff ? I know this is a problem many struggle with.
Instagram is nice, but how can you sustain a rhythm of posting weekly?
A few weeks back I listened to an agent talk about the fact that artists should not show many works, that buyers and collectors liked exclusivity. I have a posting rhythm of 3 images a week, and I feel this could be prejudicial, i am feeling a bit drained and tired of creating new images to feed the algorithm beast, that is always hungry for more.
Today is posting day, and I don’t know what to post.

Breathe… says the Monk


Mário Pires

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Olissippo Genius Loci

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Mário Pires

A New Site

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Mário Pires

A New Path

The first stone in the garden of creationI have a stone in my hands, a lovely man carved stone.A square stone.I held it in my hands and feel the texture,

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