A New Path


The first stone in the garden of creation
I have a stone in my hands, a lovely man carved stone.
A square stone.
I held it in my hands and feel the texture, the cracks, the shape. I feel the energy inside.
I now pick another stone, this one was found on a shore.
The ocean and the sea soils carved them. It’s round, almost flawless in the silkiness of it’s texture.
It fits perfectly in my hands, as if it was made to measure.
We can only hope to emulate this precision and beauty.
We are urged to do it every day, although the master builder skills are unreachable.
I held the stone in the hand in front of me, I close my eyes.
When i open them again i see a woman in a garden, she is behind a wooden portal, she walks through it and starts a slow dance.
I watch her silently. Then our eyes cross and she acknowledges my presence.
She keeps dancing, I hear no music, she must be dancing to the beat of her heart.
She is moving her lips, I hear no words.
She stops and looks straight at me.
I move towards her, she does not move, she accepts my presence there.
We stand face to face silent and still for a moment.
She starts to move, I also move.
We swing together although we are not touching.
We are in sync, I feel the energy of the movements, the light on my face, the warmth of the moment.
I close my eyes and flow without restraint.
When I open my eyes, she is gone. But she left a stone, a companion to my sea carved one.
I will keep it, perhaps it will lead me to her again.





This blog will be about the creative process, ideas, beliefs, inspirations, questions I find important to reflect upon, and even stream of conscience texts like the one above. The posting schedule will be once a week.


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